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We hope to provide some of our tent camping experiences around the United States, Canada and Europe. My name is Wil and my wife's name is Elizabeth. We are both professors and like to spend the summers camping. We're both educators, so here are some links to our university and college sites on the Web!

We have been camping since 1958. Between my junior and senior years, we drove from my university, Colgate University, located in Hamilton, N.Y., to Jacksonville, Florida. We began our camping together on that trip using an old small, green, smelly army surplus tent.

During our years of camping, many with our two boys, Wil III and Douglas, we've used various sizes of tents. For several years, we even used a pickup truck with a camper.

In 1982, after our second son graduated from community college we began our annual four to ten weeks camping trips during the summer. Our travels have taken us to all 48 lower states, Alaska, Canada and Europe.

The past few years we have limited our camping to Sandy Cove Bible Conference on the Chesapeake Bay. The highlight of the summer is the couple weeks that our three grandchildren, Presley, James & Brittany visit us. Sandy Cove has a great children's program and super Christian speakers. Of course we camp in our tent and find time to take short trips to new camping areas in north east USA.

Check back periodically to see where we've been and relive our tent camping experiences. Thanks for visiting our home page!

This is one of our camps at Sandy Cove. This is our 'Europe' tent.

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In 1997, we backpacked and tent camped in Europe and Scotland.  In 1998, we made a trip out west and into Canda.  In 1999,  we took our family, a group of 10, to Alaska and all of us backpacked and tent camped.


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Sandy Cove Bible Conference Information

Sandy Cove Bible Conference groundsSandy Cove Ministries
Morning Cheer, Inc.
60 Sandy Cove Road
PO Box B
North East, Maryland 21901 USA
Phone: 1-800-234-2683