Hi, I'm Marci! Now that I've come to enjoy my fantasy...

...exactly how would you fit into it?

Hi! My name is Marci, a crossdresser who loves to get in touch with my feminine side by dressing up on weekends and sometimes after a tense day's work at the office. I'm bi-curious when I slip into my Marci role but only would want to be with other crossdressers: ie, only guys who love to dress up, NOT guys who still remain in their male role; sort of a lesbian on lesbian relationship. Confusing, isn't it ?!?! 8^)
I love spiked heels, nylons, miniskirts, and am recently experimenting with a wig and makeup. If you'd care to correspond then you'd have to be a bright, clean, discreet professional to spark my interest. A quiet evening sipping wine and playing out our fantasies are what I have in mind. I don't consider myself professional at this so please don't ask for advice. Hey, how much talent does it take to slip on some heels and realize this is for you?!? I'm not looking for any serious or long-term relationship...just simple clean bizarre fun! You can leave me a message on (202) 777-2648 x1353. If you can relate to any of this and understand what I'm saying, then lets exchange some messages and if we excite each other and you're local to D.C. perhaps we'll meet someday!
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