Cynthia Cousens & Sylvia Durand Contact Page

             Ottawa, Canada

Welcome to our home page. We're working on rebuilding our site, and providing information that will help others with GID (Gender Identity Disorder). In the last five years, we've been pretty busy in this field, through educational seminars, training, interacting with public and institutional networking, as well as being called upon from time to time, to provide expertise when needed.

Soon, we'll post personal CV's and details of what activities have been undertaken since 1998, when Sylvia was first publically identified as the world's first transsexual soldier who transitioned (M to F) while still serving in the Canadian Forces. Sylvia is now a Warrant Officer, serving in the Natinal Capitol Region. Sylvia has also answered her sacred native calling of being a Holy gifted "One"(Spiritual Guide) for the First Nations, the Metis, the Inuits, but more so for her native nation;the Wendats of Wendake(Huron). For Cynthia, she retired from the Toronto Police Service in 1999, and was soon invited by the Ottawa Police Service to participate in their highly successful LGBT Community Liaison Committee. This unique police-community partnership has accomplished a great deal in the last fourteen years, and Cynthia is very honored to have been elected as the Community Chair since 2001.

We have been invited on numerous occasions to teach our life experiences and knowledge related to Gender Identity Disorder, to many Universities, Colleges, and public domain engagements. In addition, Sylvia has advised Canadian Federal Departments, Ministries, and Commissions on GID. Cynthia has been welcomed into policing educational institutions both locally, and provincially, representing the Ottawa Police Liaison Committee. More recently, we were qualified as "Expert Witnesses" within two fields, in an Ontario Human Rights Commission tribunal trial.

Recently, we've returned to our most favorite chat room, where we first met one another back in 1998. It was wonderful seeing many girlfriends were still there after a two year absence. So please watch out for additional pages being made, and updates. Thank you for visiting. Our most immediate contact can be made at if you need to reach us.