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My mug.

Things are moving along nicely. I finally got a decent HTML editor that doesn't expire on me (HomeSite v1.2...it's freeware and you can get it HERE

The 2000 PODe season is upon us!!! Watch as I try to regain my crown.HERE

In the coming weeks, I plan to add more beer info (including my first attempts at homebrewing!)...more sports links (with an emphasis on my favorite teams...Philly teams and Penn State)...more music links (my favorite grops)...famous people who have acknowledged my presence ...and pictures, pictures, pictures! Here's a sneak preview of me with someone famous. Great mugs, eh?Jim and Mystery Guest

Enjoy, Jim

Links to other sites on the Web

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Beer Reviews from the 1996-97 winter beer season. New beers and updated reviews as my tastes changed!

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See my current Vegas bets!!!

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