Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have lived in New Jersey, Southern California, Georgia, and presently, in Northern California. Electrical engineer (Drexel University BS, MSEE) with a background in telecommunications.


A licensed pilot (PP-ASEL) I enjoy flying airplanes, skiing, hiking, camping, shooting, fishing, golf, and a variety of outdoor activities. Have tried hang gliding, white water rafting, and used to ride a motorcycle. Like listening to music (50's/60's/70's/Classical/Jazz) and have been known, from time to time, to haunt the internet, particularly an internet talker known as Crossroads, The Next Generation.

Check out the home page for Crossroads, The Next Generation where you'll find pictures of some of our users, links to their home pages,  as well as information about the status of the talker in the event we go offline.

For those of you with Java enabled web browsers, you can now access CrossRoads right in your browser window with the Java Telnet Applet © 1996, 97 developed by Matthias L. Jugel & Marcus Meißner

Some interesting pictures . o O (To who?!)

Rogue Pilot  In the cockpit  Aviator's Cat Relaxing at home 
Aviator's House  Another plane I fly  From a few years ago  Man's greatest thrill 
Hang Gliding Easy Rider  A cute restroom sign  On the slopes

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