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Hello there and welcome to my homepage:o), my name is Sonali. I really hope that you enjoy this page as much as i enjoyed making it! I am Hindu and 18 years now just starting to attend a private college in missouri:o)! Let tell you a little about myself. One of my favorite things to do is cook. I love to cook indian food. My Favorite indian food is Rajma Chaval. I also love to travel and exercise(when i have time), and i love playing all kinds of sports (for fun not competition). My favorite sports consist of badmington, swimming, walking, etc. I also love to watch Indian movies...and Listen to Hindi music.

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Visit This sight if you are interested in bollywood and want to download trailers of new movies
Click here to visit my cousin's interesting homepage and learn about hinduism
Click here to visit my sister's Web page with graphics and pictures


I love music so here are some of my favorie songs!. Why don't you download a good number of wavs and audio files from my Music Page to enjoy! :)


Hi, here are a few cute pictures of myself and family..enjoy! It may take some time for this page to load, but please enjoy yourselves.


I love animals. Unfortunately some are endangered :o(. I have a couple of beautiful rare pictures of some animals you would find in this world today:O). Please take your time and take a look at my animals page.


I love to watch Indian movies and listen to indian songs. So i here is a page full of indian actor's and actresses of famous bollywood that have acted in many favorite movies...enjoy:)

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