Conflict Of Interest?

Univ. Foundation (UF)

- President is president of cable co.

- President was former head of "Office of University Advancement" (OUA) which is the liaison for University with UF. Officials of OUA and UF share the same office.

- Another board member (KG) is lawyer for cable co. and on the judicial selection committee that makes judicial appointments to the Governor.

- Partner w/ University in various housing and building deals.

- Members are considered to be "advisors" to the university.

- Raises money exclusively for the university w/ alumni being primary source of donations.

State University

- Employs county and city attorneys as "adjunct professors.

- Receives millions of dollars in grants from UF.

- Professors are eligible for "grants" from UF. It is well known that no grant proposal will advance thru initial processing without support from UF president and KG.

- President's office is 50 ft. from OUA and UF's office.

- Received large grant for it's library from UF after it agreed to rename the library.

- Used foundation grants as basis of decisions on hiring and retirement plans for employees. IE if you can help raise money you get a job and a cushy retirement plan. Ties to UF president are considered beneficial to job applicant's prospect.

Cnty and City Attorneys

- Cnty Attorney works as "adjunct professor" at University. As do 2 of his assistant attorneys and the assistant city attorney.

- City attorney serves on bank board w/ KG.

- County attorney decided to take over drug cases in effort to pad his resume and get on the Judicial appointment list.

Note: One local police officer (PB) is married to and assistant cnty attorney who works as adjunct professor at the University.

After retirement, many police officers work as "security" at schools that own cable co stocks.

UF president can order University security to ban people from university grounds.

Cable Company

- Set up by another foundation (HF) that is controlled by the UF president and KG. It's stock is held by local public and private schools and UF.

- Won contract to "wire" the university for the internet and provide cable service even though bid was not the lowest.

- Employs numerous University graduates, and the former professor who pushed thru a plan to require all students to buy laptops from the university. Cable co. uses this 'laptop program' as part of it's marketing campaign to promote it's growth into other cities.

- Produces local TV show that never criticizes local law enforcement officials.

- Is allowed to advertise on University property.

Note: UF president and KG run a another foundation (HF) that donates much money to the pet projects of local officials.
Cable commission members who also serve on the local summer festival committee
voted UF president in as the parade 'Marshall' after major donations.
Cable co. employs a city councilman who routinely votes on issues that affect the cable co.

Is it ethical for city and county attorneys to handle tax and criminal cases
involving the University Foundation and/or the cable company???
Loss of these cases could severely impact the University's ability to get funding thru the UF.
Doesn't this constitute direct and/or 3rd person conflicts of interest.