Resume for Jerome Silverbush

Jerry and shed (build to match house)


After working as an engineer for NYNEX (the telephone company for New York and New England) for 24 years, Jerry and his wife retired to Durham, North Carolina


Jerry's hobbies include home improvements, wood carving, computers genealogy, and exercise. After flying and crashing radio control model airplanes for 15 years, he finally decided that neither his eyes nor his reflexes were up to the task and reluctantly give up the hobby.

Jerry has built fences, dug sumps, installed windows, put on a roof, installed a hot water heater, built two decks, built a shed, built walls, hung sheet rock, put in insulation, installed tub and shower liners, done pluming and electrical wiring, done ceramic and vinyl tile floors, painted, wall papered, done minor masonry work and more. He is also a woodworker and woodcarver and has done animal and human figures, garden ornements and bird houses and feeders.

In order to keep his hand in professionally, he started teaching computer courses after he retired. He taught Novell NetWare at SUNY and after moving to Durham, he has taught NetWare, Windows 95 and World Wide Web at Duke Continuing Education and Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement.

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