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Welcome to Katrick Commons Brewery

"How may I help you?"

Hello, I'm Rick, the BrewMeister.
I signed the lease on 07/15/97, and am still in the process of moving all the equipment and ingredients in.

This just in...

28/01/1998: We've gone on TDY (temporary duty) in Sydney, Australia for a year! While not much will get done to our U.S. brewery, the Sydney Suds Factory is starting to foam over. Keep tuned for updates, and links to "Down Under Beer"!

10/06/1998: Ok; We Are Back. Was an excellent trip while it lasted. If you get the chance to go there, by all means DO IT!


Katrick Commons Brewery
"Formerly, Where To Find Us"

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Homebrewing and Beer Appreciation
Oh, & some VB programming too!
Not to mention The Greatest NFL Team of all time, The Pittsburgh Steelers

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