Pancho ad Sal are leading artist in Vancouver music Scene. Folk Festivals, community centers, schools, concerts in the parks, cruise ships and numerous event in the private entertainment area have given them public  recognition.

Born in Argentina, Pancho has been writing poems since the age of twelve. When he moved to Europe, he began touring in many countries and become a troubadour style musician in Sweden, where he made the Spanish and South  American music culture
more popular in the 80's.

His musical exchange with the Gypsies in the South of France created a new dimension to his guitar and rhythms, adding flamenco to his Argentinean folk music.

Sal, who was born in England and raised in Canada, started playing accordion and clarinet at an early age. She met Pancho in Peru and began singing together in Spanish.
She compliments the music with shakers, chachas, bombo and guitar.

Their music and translations during the show inspires to participate and sing along.
Concerts are designed to be positive and entusiastic experiences, taking the audiences on a musical tour encourging them to sing, clap rhythms and dance. Pancho and Sal raise the awareness of appreciation of the Spanish language and culture.

Their albums, "Vivirei" (I Would live), "Cuando Salga la Luna", (When the Moon comes up), and to be release soon,"Revivir" (To Live Again) and "El Regalo" (The Gift),
are all products of the hard work they have done to become part of the world music family.

Pancho & Sal's recent highlights include appearances in French and English CBC, 96.1, 102.7, 103.1 FM's, 1540 Am, VTV and Rogers TV's channel. The Mission Folk Festival, Harrison Festival of Arts, In Harmony Music Fest, Trout Forest Music Festival, Point Roberts and Ocean Park (USA), White Rock Sea Festival, Vancouver's Caribbean Festival , North Van Folk Fest.... and an  extensive number of presentations too long to list here.
Pancho & Sal
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Photo taken by Don Norr at the Trout Forest Music Festival 2001 in Ear Falls Ontario
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