Seminole County Sheriffs Office

110 South Wewoka Avenue
Seminole County Courthouse Wewoka ,Oklahoma 74884
Phone (405) 257-5445  Fax (405) 257-5509
Oklahoma Truth in Sentencing bill
Don't let the name fool you.
The criminals will love it.
(legislation entrance)
Sheriff Charles Sisco
Oklahoma Sheriffs Association
Welcome ,

     I am Deputy Sheriff Kevin Bolles. I have been working for the Seminole County Sheriffs Office Since 1991. I am constructing this page to inform you of all the duties of the sheriffs office and to provide a service and source of information for our County. This Website is continually under construction so stop and visit us often.
     I will provide graphics and interesting stories from the files of the Seminole County Sheriffs Office, and please stop and pay your respects to the:

Seminole County Memorial
Most Wanted Employment
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