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The King James Bible
Without Comment

Hello Neighbors,

I am Pastor Gordon Scott Jones of Maranatha Baptist Church In Phillips Wisconsin. I and my friend Elton Pearson (the editor of these pages) have decided to bring to you the King James Version of the Bible without comment past this page.

The Bible is a book without equal. Here we have a library of 66 books written by more than 40 different men over the span of 20 centuries. The writers come form all walks of life, (Shepherds, Kings, Fishermen, Tax collectors, Priests, and Prophets) yet this library of 66 books fits together as if it were one book. Yet, that is just what it is, because all 66 books were authored by one person. That person is the Holy Ghost of Almighty God. It was He who inspired His earthly servants to pen down on paper the words that we have now.

Thank You
Scott Jones

P.S. May Our Great God Bless Your Reading.

These pages are still under heavy construction...Please forgive our dust.

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Here is the New Testament by it self:

And here is the Old Testament by it self:

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there are many individual books
and passages below.

The First Book Of Moses Called "Genesis"

The Second Book of Moses Called Exodus

The Third Book of Moses Called Leviticus

The Fourth Book of Moses Called Numbers

The Fifth Book of Moses Called Deuteronomy

The Book of Joshua

The Book of Judges

The Book of Ruth (text)

Ezra (text)

Nehemiah (text)

Esther (text)

The First Book of Wisdom.......The Book of Job (text)

The Second Book of Wisdom.......Psalms(text)

The Third Book of Wisdom.......Proverbs(text)

The fourth book of Wisdom Ecclesiastes (text)

The fifth book of Wisdom The Song of Solomon (text)

The Vision of.......Isaiah (text)

The Book of The Prophet.......Jeremiah (text)

Lamentations (text)

The Book of The Prophet.......Ezekiel (text)

The Book of Daniel

Here is something new. Daniel in Microsoft word 6.0.
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Hosea (text)

Joel (text)

Amos (text)

The First Book of The New Testament Called
The Gospel According To St. Matthew

The Gospel According To St. Luke (text)

The Gospel According To St. John




Paul's Letter To The Church Of The Romans

Paul's Letter to the Galatians

First Thessalonians

Second Thessalonians (text)

Paul's Letters to Timothy 1st and 2nd (text)

Paul's Letter to Titus (text)

Paul's Letter to Philemon (text)

The Book of Hebrews (text)

Peter's First Letter

Peter's Second Letter

John's Letters 1,2,& 3 (text)

Jude's Letter

The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

Selected Psalms

Psalm One and Two

The Twenty Third Psalm

Psalm 24

Psalms 32 and 33

Psalm 34

Psalm 37

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