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                                     bookicon[1].jpg (4586 bytes)  This webpage was specially designed and is       dedicated to our adorable, loving, cute, humourous
                    and dear Lit teacher of
             Bishan Park Secondary School :

       M   I  Z     A  H  M  A  D !!!!!!
     Hey, we know what you're thinking; that we're
...trying to "lick the teacher's boots" . But put it this
  way, this webpage alone is worth
50% of our 1st
   CA marks for Literature next year !! [hehez! =)]
  Okay, down to serious business --- this webpage
                                      is about the famous
Romeo and Juliet ... ermz
                                       ... it's not about Leonardo Dicaprio as Romeo &
                                          Claire Danes as Juliet but rather ... William
                                               Shakespeare's classic love story !!

                                     Oh I see ... just because this webpage's about a
                                  book, you're feeling bored. But not to worry, coz ... we
                                   personally guarantee that whatever you're looking for
Romeo & Juliet, we've got it right here !!
                                 Hope you guys and gals out there LUV our webpage !!!

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Wanna know more about us ?? Then ClicK heRe !!


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   script1.jpg (9145 bytes) THE SCRIPT TO THE PLAY

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  WSL1.jpg (13922 bytes) TIMELINE ABOUT HIS LIFE

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    SN1.jpg (10066 bytes)  STUDY NOTES FOR ROMEO & JULIET

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  tg.jpg (10610 bytes) A GUIDE TO THE PLAY


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