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Rick received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the Psychology Department of Georgetown University in general psychology and statistics. Presently he is teaching statistics and methods in the Graduate School of Education of Alliant International University. This page features Rick Ansoff's vitae, books, world news, international investing, global weather, time, world maps, music, favorite classical cd's, photos and resources in philosophy, psychology, and general search & reference..
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Aglobal investing page! Also The BBC World Service and continuous audio feed and world news.

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Reviews of favorite classical cd's!
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Psychology Journals & Organizations

American Psycholological Society

American Psychological Association

Behavioral & Brain Sciences BBS

History of Psychology (APA division 26)

Journal of Mind and Behavior

Journal of Theoretical & Philosophical Psychology (APA division 24)

Metaphysical Review

New Ideas in Psychology

Theory & Psychology


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Metric -- English Conversion in Java Script

Resources in Philosophy (comprehensive)

Stanford's Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Allwords multi-lingual dictionary

Hypertext-Webster (Dictionary) Interface

Spanish-English-German college Dictionary

Search The Collected Works of Shakespeare

US Postal Service information

The Chronicle's List of Job Titles in Academia

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World News

The BBC, Canoe of Canada, NPR, CNN and more..

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Global Weather and US Time

Instant Global Weather & US Time

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