"Is all we see or seem but a dream within a dream?"

Hi, my name is Lauren and this is my page and the thing you're reading right now: This is the introduction. It's pretty cool, eh? Anywayz, I figured I needed a web page cause well, I'm just too cool to not have one. :-)
So this page is just jam packed full of lots and lots of cool stuff that I like and if you don't, well then too bad. I'm sure
Yahoo has plenty of crap for you. If you do like it, sign my Guestbook and be cool, like the rest of the kewl folks that have signed it. Ok, I think that's it. Check out my site and have a nice day!

(Site last updated on Saturday, February 22, 1997)

Now with Pics of Lauren her very own Self!!!

Short Cut to the Pics...

Please Read!!!
Lauren's e-mail has been cut off due to her being off the computer beause her step dad won't let he go on anymore. If you want to talk to her then mail ple@reocities.com and she will get the message! B-Bye!

- Larry, Reporter


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Please, pretty pretty please with sugar and sprinkles and bacon, uh bacon? Ewwww!!!
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Places you better go check out!!!
These are my good friends' pages. Go to them, they could use the help. j/k you know I luv you guys :D

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