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NEWS    Last Update: 2/11/1900 :-)
MAINTENANCE UPDATE 2/23/00 -- Mirror sites updated, Cybercities mirror taken offline.

Since the last update, I've...um...moved to a different state, set up in an apartment, and changed universities. Yeah, things change when you're not lookin'. :-) I've also tried dating via the internet, and...well...no. It's not cool to have someone stalking you after the first date, or, for crying out loud, the first phone call or email. It's like I told my bud Marty, who faced a similar disappointment -- the internet seems like a great way to meet people...I think I'm lucky I didn't find any dudes. You know what I mean? So I'll tell you what I'm going to do: I'm just going to slide around town in my bus, go campin' with people who are like minded, check out VW shows and wrench on my rides, and just enjoy my time alone. It won't last forever, 'cuz you know the old saying...chicks dig scrawny white guys. ;-)

Well now that I've beaten that to death, here's what I've done. The VW site has been updated with info on my newest aquisitions -- a '62 VW Bus that I named Twinkie, and a '67 Westy that came with a name on it already -- Gus. I updated other things as well, but if you're into the VWs you probably aren't reading this and have already gone on over...so I'll stop :-) One very large project that I will be undertaking to help fellow VW owners is digitizing obsolete documentation/manuals and putting them onto the internet. Head on over to the VW site for more information on that if you are interested. Other than that, I updated the page about me slightly to reflect the changes in location and etc...that's about it.

Me personally, I have started a BBS system the last few weeks...still very buggy, I need a better modem (hardware based, no Winmodem!). I am also going to start working on getting a Technician class amateur radio operator license, something I've wanted to do for quite some time but never seriously looked into. I'll be working with a local ARRL club here in Dahlonega towards that. If you know anything else I can do to enhance my geek status please let me know :-D


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A little bit about the author

Andrew Whitlock is a physics major currently attending North Georgia College in Dahlonega, Georgia. He has been working on the internet since 1995, when he started his first website on Geocities, Telepath's Haven, still in existence as you can see! His various websites have covered topics such as Galactic Empires, a collectable card game (CCG); the movie The Fifth Element, the french actress Ma´wenn Le Besco, anime (Japanese Animation), the Elite series of space simulators, his hobby working with vintage Volkswagens, and (being vain by nature :-)) himself. His home lies in Newnan, Georgia, where he has two (count 'em) parents and a broken down, stripped 1962 Bus. He is 19 years old, enjoys movies, discussion, travelling, anime, and Volkswagens, and he also likes to talk about himself in the third person as it makes him feel extraordinarily important.

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